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Fast. Easy. Open. Three pillars sustaining and guiding advances in performance and features of PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool, a fundamental framework that continues with the 11.1 release. Rest assured, Danfoss is committed to further improve the PLUS+1 software platform to enable customers with intelligent and intuitive tools to shorten product development cycles.

Version 11.1 brings enhancements to the screen editor adding resolution and size flexibility by maintaining constant aspect ratios independently of source. Additional improvements to the user interface and experience create uniformity and a modern look-and-feel across GUIDE and Service Tool. Various enhancements in both, the Service Tool and GUIDE allow developers to experience a platform that is intuitive and comfortable to navigate. Support tools such as the Module viewer are now consistent with GUIDE navigation and editing features. With this release, the Service Tool offers German and Chinese language options demonstrating dedication to a global user platform.

In version 11.1 we are also introducing a new and improved PLUS+1 Update center which is GUIDE and Service Tool companion system tasked with managing hardware files and library downloads. The new PLUS+1 Update center has received a major facelift in alignment with GUIDE and Service tool interfaces.

Highlights & New Features:

•   Interactive user interfaces reducing initial project set up and support
•   Screen Editor resolution and size enhancements
•   German and Chinese language options in Service Tool
•   Module viewer navigation enhancements 
•   Service Tool signal nodes now available in offline mode
•   ECU information (serial number, part number, application ID/Type/Version) available in Service Tool parameter list as read-only signals

NOTE! PLUS+1 Service Tool has been removed from the PLUS+1 GUIDE installer. NOTE!

Easiest way to update, and keep you updated on any new releases, is by using our PLUS+1 Update center but, if this happens to be your first time downloading PLUS+1 software tools please use below links (scroll down to Download);

PLUS+1 GUIDE download   
PLUS+1 Service tool download


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