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How old is this forum?

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Just wondering how old this forum is? I have seen references to websites with the same address ( in some older sauer documents but none mention a user forum.


Hi Tyler!

Thanks for your questions.

Prior to 2009 the PLUS+1 web site not a part of the site, we used our own website named When the PLUS+1 site was incorporated into the Sauer-Danfoss site we automatically forwarded from the PLUS+1 URL to the PLUS+1 section of the Sauer-Danfoss site. This forwarding is now changed as we now use this url to our forum instead.
I guess that is how you did find this forum as we have not announced it yet, we will do that shortly.

So this forum is brand new, we are still fine tuning the forum.

Best regards // Thomas

Whoops, I just announced it to everyone on the old forum that we were hosting. I became aware of it at the advanced training in MN when we accidentally clicked the link in Guide. So that is why you've had an influx of new members in the last two days.  :D

No problem at all  :)

I just want to thank you for all your efforts with the Marl forum. I hope we can make this new one an active community for PLUS+1 users all over the world, we will do our best.

Thanks a lot // Thomas

Well now I know....



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