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class1 division 2


hello there,

I guess I am not the only one that would like to get a plus 1 controller and display certified under class 1 division 2 or in other words to work in a hazardous enviroment, after all heavy duty machinery works also at underground mining under such conditions.

it will make life easier to monitor all diesel engine parameters (Class 1 Division 2 engine controls certified, of course) without the need of a NEMA 7 enclosure or a pressurized cabin

so far what we have to do is to find a gateway to convert from J1939 to MODBUS, this goes inside a NEMA 7 box then the display is C1D2 but all data is retrieved from the MODBUS.

my thought is that the plus 1 controller and display will pass easily the requirements to be a C1D2 product but I guess Danfoss is not willing to work on that.
Does anyone else wish this could happen?


Hi Pinias!
It's correct, so far the controllers and displays are not certified under the class 1 division 2.

I did ask this question to the Connect & Control Solutions sales and marketing organization and the feedback I got was that this is a business decision that needs to be further investigated and decided upon based on market trends, as well as other factors.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Hey Nilla,

Thanks for you reply,

it does not have to be a full range of controllers and displays, all what is needed I would say is maybe a MC050 and a DP600 or DP700.

the MC050 with a 4-20 mA inputs will be great since all explosion proof sensors are 4 to 20 mA output. it will cover most of the needs

the DP600 or DP700 should be good enough for all monitoring and controls required.

perhaps it has to be done like the ECM for the engine, inceindive signals and non incendive signals separated, along with some other features required to be C1D2

in the oil industry- offshore- this is becoming the way to go or electric driven but not always can be electric driven and viceversa.
hopefully sometime in the near furture i see something like from danfoss



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