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Breakout Boards?


Hello gang,
So I am very new to this and I am not in the position to just build a break out board for simulating stuff.
I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to purchase one that I can use to get me started with plus1 programming?
I contacted my local distributor and they tell me Danfoss no longer sells the breakout boards used in their E learning classes.

Can anyone help?


We've ended up having to make our own, as I haven't seen anything suitable out there.  You may just want to spend half a day or so making up a basic wiring harness with power, ground, CAN, and maybe some switches and turn pots. 

The outputs you can monitor easily enough on the Service Tool, so you really only need switches and maybe turn pots to simulate inputs.  Even just wiring an input up to a banana plug is good, and you can plug it into the high side on your power supply to simulate a button press.

I started life creating a quite comprehensive test box for testbench validating, but as time makes us wiser I hardly use it now, and simulate 99% of inputs with the service tool, by placing overrides on each input.  Which works well if you are not trying to simulate a fast changing input.

If you use the Set Value input, it's initial state is always zero on power-up, so if an override is needed anything other than zero the value will be set.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the input you two....I am learning more and more that folks are doing it with the service tool as jashom1 stated.


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