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Developer's Conference 2022


Is there discussion of a Developer's Conference in 2022?
The past conferences, most recent 2017, were excellent and provided a great opportunity to learn about the new products, PLUS+1 Guide and Service Tool, interact with the Danfoss team and meet other developers.

Hello ToddT,

Yes, there are discussions of a developers conference in 2022.
The desire is to try to get a live event happening, but as the world looks today, it is difficult to plan.  A virtual event is also on the table.

That's pretty much all information I have.

Have a nice day.

Any updates on this?

I'll go on the record of saying that I think a virtual conference would be a waste of effort.  Networking with other developers is a major benefit besides just the content presented from Danfoss, and that type of networking just isn't going to happen in a virtual setting.


I have no new information about this. I will forward the question and get back to you as soon as I receive an answer.


The latest information I have received is that a live event is the first choice. No dates or place are determined and nothing about a virtual event.

I would be surprised, due to the uncertainty in the world today, if there will be time to plan a conference this year.
This is only my guess, and I have been wrong before.

If I hear anything I will let you know.

Have a nice Easter.


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