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Aztec Graphit Piste bully source code

Good morning all,

One of our customers has bought an old Aztec Graphit pisten bully to change in to something new. The machine is full with MC50-10 controllers and a DP6 display...problem is that the original company has gone bankrupt and that the course code (project file) is lost.

Chances will be small....but does anyone of you made this program and is willing to share? It would make my life a lot easier.

Thanks Jelmer

Dear Jelmer

Aztec was bought by CMDUPON where I work. I has worked for Aztec too.

We have all software and parts for old aztec, do not hesistate to contact us at to help you

As we have source code, we can adapted it without problem

Wow, talk about a lucky break.  Very cool to see this kind of thing happen in the forum!


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