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I am looking into something about these actuators. In my case they are not being controlled by a PLUS+1 microcontroller but a senett board but unfortunately there is no where else I could find to ask these questions so sorry if I'm misplacing this post. In this case the actuators are controlling hydraulic agitators that show an output in RPM. The problem we have is that while a 0V input gives us a 0RPM output, we don't see a reaction until about 2V, and the RPM is then at say 5RPM. I was wondering if there was a way to give a finer control over the output to give us say from 0-2V an output of 0-5RPM and then normal operation from 2V up. If more information is required I can provide it. Thanks.

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Re: PVEM 32
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If you need better performance, you should switch the actuators to a PVEH (high resolution) or a PVES (super high resolution). Already with the PVEH you will feel a big difference.

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Re: PVEM 32
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The PVEM from memory is a proportional coil but it has only 12 steps over its proportional range.
The previous post is correct you should investigate the use of another type of actuator.
I tend to use the PVEA such as 157B4735, the cost is similar to a standard PVEM but the performance much better.