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Fault Manager issues
« on: November 01, 2021, 07:46:56 AM »
I am having some issues with the fault manager, when loading the service tool application I am getting some normal faults with a number allocation and then I get half a dozen "undefined" faults present? I have routed 84 separate faults to the manager the documentation indicates 3300 odd faults are possible so I dont think that is the issue. I have also allocated the full 64 NVmem blocks to the manager but I dont have that many faults present (approx 10) at this stage of debugging.
Also, I have checked my subscription in serv tool and I have the professional licence but the instructions in the manual are saying to click on icons that I cant find? See below

Configure the FaultDescriptions.js file I can not find this file???
Users with a Professional service tool license can configure the FaultDescriptions.js file to ensure
customizations appear on the service tool screen.
1. Ensure you are in Design View. In the PLUS+1® Service Tool, from the View menu, select Design View.
2. Click the plus + icon next to the Resources folder to expand it.
3. Right-click on the FaultDescriptions.js file and select Delete.
4. Replace the file that you just deleted with the FaultDescriptions.js file that was created when you
used the spreadsheet to build your project
a) Right-click on the Resources folder and select Add Resource File....
b) Navigate to the location where the interface file for the service tool is stored. This location is in the
main project folder where all PLUS+1® GUIDE files are stored.
c) Find the FaultDescriptions.js file, which was created when you clicked BUILD PROJECT on the
d) Click Open to place the file in the Resources folder.
5. Load the new file into the project file for the service tool.
a) Expand the Scripts folder.
b) Expand ScriptInterface.
c) Right-click on ScriptFunction and select Reload.
The System Navigator panel grays out while the new FaultDescriptions.js file is added to the
project file.

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Re: Fault Manager issues
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2021, 09:15:51 AM »
I haven't used the Fault Manager but I think you need the Service Tool Add-on license that adds scripting to be able to make those changes.

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Re: Fault Manager issues
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2021, 04:25:34 AM »
Hi acmall, you might be right. Well I can't get it to work, everytime I use preconfigured function blocks that are locked up it bites me in the rear. Now I have to spend some ridiculous amount of time writing my own fault management system to suit the Dm1 interface on my screen.