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Display/DM**** Bar Graph with Color Changing Indication


Hello can anyone share code or assist with code for a Bar Graph with Color Changing Bar Indication.

I'd like to change the bar graph and bar color base on a pressure transducer input.

Display is non touch, DM430E.

Thank you.

The attached is a screen widget I did for a tank level. You may be able to get some ideas or adapt this to you needs.

It has three inputs: -
LvlPct control the level display (0 to 100).
BarColour is the colour of the bar.
BarEnable controls whether the bar is displayed.

Thanks acmall, found my issue was how i was addressing the RGB HEX Color code, I failed to put the required 00 on the end thus my graphic wasn't displaying correctly.

For others to reference see my code below, thanks!


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