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Hello friends,

I am new using Touchscreen.  I found topics DP720 the numeric editor (on november 2016) very interesting.

But the link to download sharing code was timeout.

Please is it possible to get the editor if some body download it before or if you have other sharing code

Thanks in advance

here is copy of topics november 1916
Hello friends...
There is a numeric editor in the zip file.
You can use it, and if you contribute to this project, maybe everyone can benefit from it. The explanations and the variable names are all in Turkish for now, but I will translate them into English.

May the force be with you

I have not used it but, there is a numeric keypad in the Widget Library.

You can download it using the Danfoss Update Centre.

SJ Industries:
The numpad is greyed out for me in the widget library?


Just checked and working Ok here.

Are you in the main Guide program or the VBSE? The items in the Widget library can only be used from within the VBSE.


Thank you to replay me.

I had using widget library but it's not working because I must make touch Mode to be 0.  In my application touch screen most be mode 1

look message below from danfoss.  For that I must to do my own keypad.  So please if you have an idea you welcome.
“When the widget are used in a DM1000/DM1200, setting TouchScreen.Config.TouchMode have to be set to 0.
Setting 0 means that TouchScreen.Stream[0].State is equal to 1 only for one loop even if you keep the finger on the screen for more than one loop. It's this signal that is used in the widget for adding a digit to the value.
Setting 1 means that it is equal to 1 as long as you keep the finger on the display.”

With best regards


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