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The tabs component in PLUS+1 Service Tool.



It’s important to know that in the PLUS+1 Service Tool all modified parameters within a service screen are written to the system in the “download parameters”/“write” process.
That means that all parameters on tabs, independent if they are on a tab not shown on the display (background tab) will be written when you start download the parameters from Service Tool.

If this functionality is not the behavior you would like to use, consider using different pages with the information instead.
Especially when importing parameters from a file, it can be particularly hard to realize what will be modified on the system when parameters in background tabs are changed. Then the user needs to check all tabs to secure there are no unintentional parameters set on the background tab.

In the image (Tab) attached, only the tab “Module 1” and the tab “Forward” are visible. When a user write the parameters (hit the write button /press F4/use the menu alternative for write or similar action) all parameters on the page in the tabs Module1, Module2, Module3, Module 4,Forward and Reverse are downloaded simultaneously.

Image attached: Example of Tab Components on a Service Tool screen

I hope this was useful information.

Have a nice day.


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