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Anybody else having bad luck getting the CS10 to connect to a laptop via bluetooth using the latest version in the update center (v121)?  I can't seem to make a connection.  If I watch the devices in the list on my computer, it toggles between Paired and Connected, but never manages to stay connected.  When the laptop briefly says connected, the green lite in the service tool doesn't come on (watching the CS10 via CG-150).

Also...  Is there a reason this is still running on the old 303 firmware?  I wonder if this is part of the problem?

I had this issue a couple of months back, and one thing that helped most of the time was to go into 'Devices and Printers' in Windows 11 and find the module there.  Right click it and connect through the drop down there.  That somehow helped it stay connected... mostly sort of sometimes.

EDIT:  I'll credit Mr. AB from Danfoss for showing me that one.


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