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Hi all, is there any library to decode NMEA2000 PGN 129029 to reach Latitude and Longitude data? No released and no beta? I thing it will be difficult to use Autonomous FB if no NMEA Library is released.
Thanks in advance

Agreed.  NMEA 2000 appears to be standard on RTK GPS transceivers that I've looked into such as Trimble.  That said, the Trimble dealer that I spoke with indicated that they can customize their offering to send us whatever data we need via whatever CAN format we want such as J1939 prop B.

In example,is pretty easy read Lat and Long. From a Nmea2000 device. You can easily read on D0..D3 S32 Lat and D4..D7 Long  on PGN 129025. And you can use UTM conv. Zone Block to have UTM data in millimeters. But here comes the biggest problem. These data has 7 decimal points for Lat and Long,with a ± 10cm of resolution. This is not enough for high precision application. Will be useful to have a block that read PGN 129027 and 129029 and convert Lat and Long in North and East mm with a 1cm accouracy. I have written all this logic in Java but i can't use any Danfoss ECU or display,because my code can't be used in guide. Hope some good news will come up in next future.

Thank you for the feedback. We have taken note of this and will add it to our roadmap for a future release.

On a slight tangent, if you want to use lat & lon then the message decoding is only the start.  A good library of conversion and transformation utilities will be required as well.  I recently did a machine application that used GPS lat & lon as a control input, and I ended up using a Linux-based controller so I could use various python libraries for the positioning and transformations.


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