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There have been some new uploads to our YouTube channel.

#08 How to purchase PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool License:
#44 PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool - Whats NEW 12.2:
#46 PLUS+1 GUIDE - Parameter Overview:
#47 PLUS+1 GUIDE - Multi-Line Unicode Comments:
#62 PLUS+1 GUIDE - Simulink and FMU Export:
#73 Automatically generate Service Tool Diagnostic application file (P1D):
#79 A short intro to the team:

I hope you'll find these videos useful and don't forget to subscribe.

Have a nice day

Thanks for posting, these Youtube videos are helpful.

One request, if it doesn't already exist...... Can you create a Youtube Video (or a PDF document) for how to download/install/open Plus+1 Service Tool that is targeted towards END USERS / Service Technician.  Do they need to do anything with License to just use Service Tool for diagnostics purposes?

The Video #08 How to purchase PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool License is good, but has too much information that a Service Tech doesn't need to know.  In my experience, maintenance/service techs are not always the most computer savy, so the How To document/video needs to be tailored specifically for them.  They just need the information to get Service Tool working, and all the extra info regarding Plus+1 Guide is just confusing to them.

The most common question we get from new customers is how to get Service Tool installed and working.

Hi mvanwiechen,

No, the basic Service Tool should work fine without a license for basic diagnostic. See image for Service Tool license.

There are some videos about the Service Tool:
Service Tool download and install (a bit old):
Basic use of the Service Tool:

Have a nice day.


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