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Voltage for digital outputs is not correct.


I'm currently programming/testing a MC050-10.
It's hooked up to a 24 volt power supply for testing, and will be hooked up to a 24 volt system on the final machine.
(Volt meter reads 24.07 V for the power supply.)
According to the documentation, the digital outputs should be providing a voltage between 23 and 24 volts.
However, they are only reading 10.23 V.
I am able to accurately set the multi-function output pins to any voltage between 0 V and 24 V.

How can I get the digital output pins to put out 24 volts?

Which pin are you exactly using?

Was using pins 31-36 on a MC50-10.
Found out that they do work, but they were being turned on/off very quickly, approximating a PWM, giving the measured voltages.

You're right. The controllers doesn't have a ratiometric voltage output.
If I need a "clean" DC voltage for e.g. a drive sensor or a constant voltage (12V supply for devices,...), I put a RC network (1k, 10u) at the output.


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