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MC088 C1P2 Power Pin


On most controllers within the PWR pin (C1P2) there is an “AnIn” and “Volt” output.  I often use the “Volt” output to tell me the status of voltage at the controller.  On the MC088 controller, on C1P2, it has a Status output where 0 equals “OK” and 1 equals “No Power”.  First of all, without the “Volt” output, I can’t use the controller to tell me the voltage at the controller, and second, if there’s no power at the controller, how would you ever be able to read the status that there’s no power?

You can read the voltage from the main supply pins (C2-P35, C2-P36, C2-P37 & C2-P38).

I figured that out soon after my post.  But I still find it interesting that there's a status of "No Power"


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