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Wiring error


I've started working with an MC024-10 and when I try to use and MFOutput always get this error "Graphical Compilation and Linking of COMP aborted with errors". I was wondering what kind of error I'm doing and how to solve it.

You can't scroll down in the compiler window and see a error description?
Did you open the Output page and remove the 0 constant from the OutputValue?

I'm using this function to transform freq to RPM. I disconected the OutputValue from the 0 constant. Don't know if I can leave floating Status and Fault. There's some kind of PDF where I could find the cause of linking and wiring errors?

Hello fmh 1963.

I'm not sure what is behind the rest of your code, is this what you are trying to achieve?
regards Neil.

Yes, thank you so much. I was not aware of retyping the output.


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