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you could definitely use the ports the way you described below, you're also able to mix Danfoss and non Danfoss components on the same bus if you want(although not recommended with an engine).

As a sidenote, if you are planning on using CANopen, there are standard function blocks for it in Danfoss, but its very basic. the standard J1939 function blocks are more user friendly and advanced.
So my recommendation is to use J1939 if possible! :)

Thanks, JordyHV. I hope to purchase as close to what I think I will need and start developing. The only thing I am not sure is if I am using a Danfoss remote control, does the receiver command the PVG actuators directly. Or does the receiver communicate to the microcontroller. (Or both) As this will increase or decrease the I/O required on the MC024?

I don't think it's possible to directly control the PVG actuators with a remote control, as far as i know you still need to program the logic in the microcontroller. But increase/decrease IO? aren't the PVG valves controlled with CANbus?

Analogue PVG can be driven directly by RCT. I'm not sure about the PVEDs, but I think it should be possible as they have CANopen capability, talk to your Danfoss rep.

Thank you I will talk to the remote supplier. As I have other hardware to connect to the MC0xx microcontroller. And how the PVG actuators are connected affects my system.
Thank you all, for all the great advice. I have learnt more on this forum than any rep or website.


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