CAN communication with Siemens PLC

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no, you do not need separate CAN module.

but let´s make clear this

The siemens PLC CAN port, what protocol works with exactly? from what I have seen most industrial PLC´s that work with CAN use CANopen so that you got a Master-slave communication.

so it sounds you are familiar with CANopen since you have communicated with 2 siemens PLC using the CAN protocol.

the Danfoss controller does not have a preoloaded mapping for the COB ID´s as per CAN open, you have to do that, you have to create all the CANopen functions by using the Danfoss Function blocks. that is what I am trying to say in case you are not aware of that.

hopefully I made myself clear
Regards  8)

Good morning Tom and Pinias

If this is not too much work, could you recommend a good site where I can find these applications? I've been looking for a while but can't find the appropriate sites or documentation. Also on youtube I can't find much anymore besides the video of Danfoss itself. Maybe I overlooked this or I'm not typing the right search terms. If you'd rather not do this, I can understand. Everyone has work to do, of course.

To reply to you Pinias, I didn't write my previous post so clearly on reflection. It is for the siemens PLC (ET200SP) that I use a CAN module (6ES7 137-6EA00-0BA0). On the Danfoss controller I use the CAN ports that can be found on the controller itself. I think I already know the Danfoss function blocks you are talking about from the Danfoss video about CAN communication. However I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to hook these up though.

I'm going to use the siemens PLC as master and the Danfoss controller as slave.

If you need some more info that will make it easier for you to help me, I'd be happy to do so!

Thank you for all the responses, you are a great help!


ok checking the datasheet for the siemens CAN module it works on CANopen

So on the danfoss side all what you need is to use the CANopen function blocks and create your CAN COB ID mapping.

the CANopen function blocks can be downloaded from the Danfoss Update center

and no, Danfoss does not have specific docummentation to work with CANopen, all what you can get is the manuals embedded on the CANopen Function blocks.

the atatched picture may give an idea of how to use the CANopen function blocks, other than that it is all what I can help out


I forgot to mention, the picture atatched is using a display not a controller but still same idea to use to CANopen function blocks

ok, I just saw it

as per Siemens CAN module tech specs it says it supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B.

if that is true I would rather work with CAN2.0A instead of CANopen, in such case, both are masters the controller and the Siemes PLC



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