Installing V260 Display hardware files in Guide 2022.2.5

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Has anybody installed the latest v2.6 DP700 hardware file in Guide 2022.2.5?  They work in Guide 2022.1.4.

I have a new project that I am working on and I can't open the file in 2022.1.4 because I started it in 2022.2.5 and 2022.1.4 can't open the project because the screen repository file format changed between the versions.

When I try to install the hardware file in 2022.2.5 I get an *** ERROR 53 *** [PLUS1_IDE] INTERNAL: CAN NOT RECONIZE FILE FORMAT {....\CommonData\GUIDE\Hardware\70083351V260\DP700_70083351v260.hwd}

Thank you,
Brian F.

I just downloaded and installed it in 2022.2.5 without error, appears to be working ok here. The only minor issue was I had to install it manually as the Update Centre didn't do it automatically after download. I have had to manually install all the HWD files downloaded with this version so far.


Yes, there seems to be a bug.

When installing a HWD file from the Update Center it's not always visible in GUIDE. Then you can install it manually as acmall mentioned.
In some cases not even that works, so we have found a workaround.

"The work around is to have PLUS+1 GUIDE closed and navigate to the following directory.
C:\Users\your logon\AppData\Roaming\Danfoss\PLUS1\2022.2\Data\GUIDE\HardwareBookcase
and delete the BookCase.xml.
When PLUS+1 GUIDE 2022.2 is restarted the BookCase.xml will be recreated and updated."

I'm not 100% sure if it helps you, but you can try.
If it doesn't, please report it here:

Good Luck.

Tor, THANK YOU! That was driving me nuts.  I could not manually add the files and the update center was not doing anything.

So if anyone else has the same issue, deleting the BookCase.xml file worked for me.

Thank you again,
Brian F.

Works for me to to.
When I deleted the BookCase.xml file I successfully could update the HWD file for DM430E display.


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