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Controllers / Re: AnIn used as 24vdc DigIn
« Last post by Lukey on February 20, 2024, 11:31:07 PM »
Thanks all,

Yes I will use a comparison block to simulate a DigIn on pin.

My system is a 24VDC regulated switch mode power supply so I don't expect to see anything greater.
According to the hardware manual AnIn pins rated for 36V
Controllers / Re: AnIn used as 24vdc DigIn
« Last post by Marbek_Elektronik on February 20, 2024, 04:11:03 PM »
I am not sure , but I think c1p05 at a MC024 controller maximum allowes 25V. All other inputs 36V.
Perhaps you ask helpdesk?
Displays / Re: DM1000
« Last post by a.damato on February 20, 2024, 03:28:40 PM »
Thank you very much!
Code sharing / Re: J1939 Receiving Large Message (EC, FEE3)
« Last post by nikomas on February 20, 2024, 02:44:14 PM »

I have downloaded PLUS+1 GUIDE examples->J1939_Example from Update Centre 1.0.167. and implemented it in order to
receive DM01, DM02, CI and VI messages. Messages are time triggered and sent from PCAN application.
Local address is "5" (DM430 display) and source address "0".
I can receive DM01 and DM02 messages but nothing I can see on RTS_CTS_Msg bus on the checkpoints and on checkpoint after CI_Parse block.
If someone can help I will be very grateful.

Best regards,
Controllers / Re: AnIn used as 24vdc DigIn
« Last post by sverreo on February 20, 2024, 09:20:37 AM »
You can use C1p05 without a problem. The only thing is that if you input 24V it will only read maximum 5V on the input.

Make a simple logic to use this voltage as a digital input. f.ex. greater than 3V "on", and less than 2V "off"
Communication / MOVED: JS1H questions
« Last post by Tor on February 19, 2024, 08:19:41 AM »
PLUS+1 Compliant Hardware / Re: Re: CG150-2 Connectivity Problems
« Last post by tannnnn on February 19, 2024, 07:02:46 AM »
Good Day,

I've done the setup of the joystick JS1-H PWM as per the picture. Also, I've downloaded the service tool and the guide and established a successful connection with my PC. The connection is well done.

I've downloaded the hlx. files on the joystick  and tried to explore the service tool a bit. In the graphs, as shown in the picture, I can't read any output current while moving the joystick in F or R. I think i need to add those parameters but I'm new to this. So please, anyone can help where i can set the output currents and other parameters. I need the below functions only:
- Joystick in Forward: Output1= [0 to 1000 mA] (pump solenoid 1) - Output 2=0 - Output 3=+24V Constant (to activate 24V brake solenoid).
- Joystick in Reverse: Output1=0 - Output2=[0 to 1000 mA] (pump solenoid 2) - Output 3=+24V Constant (to activate 24V brake solenoid).
- Neutral: Output1=Output2=Output 3= 0V.

In the picture attached i move the joystick in forward/Reverse but no current value is showing.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks alot
Displays / Re: DM1000
« Last post by Lukey on February 17, 2024, 01:17:38 AM »
Yes I have encountered this issue, I have found that the X6 LINE COUNT number randomly increases if you are trying to read the output while the Applog is logging/writing information.

My solutions was to turning off the Applog or ensure that nothing is being logged,
If you are not writing any information to the log you will be able to reading X6 LINE COUNT without error.
Displays / DM1000
« Last post by a.damato on February 16, 2024, 09:24:05 AM »
Hello Everybody,

I would like to ask some question regarding the block "Read Array from Application log".
When i try to read the "LineCount" Output. I get a weird amount of line.

I am using a DM1000, menu buttons , no Touch.

In the help manual i read X6 : Total number of lines in the application data log.
So i should get from this output 1,2... depending on the amount of line in the applog file.

Right now i am using a trick that register the number when i switch on the Display.
Because it's reading right when i switch on the device but in the moment i write a new line this number has a weird behaviour.

I am wondering if anyone had this issue?

Code sharing / Read Array from Application Log & Write Array to File
« Last post by Lukey on February 15, 2024, 04:37:56 PM »
I have tried to use the Read_Applog and Write_USB blocks although these are limited to a length of ARRAY[125]U8 (125 Characters) for each line of the Applog, anything greater and the Applog line is truncated on conversion.

My Applog line are longer than 125 characters and I would like to rename the Applog csv file to a custom STRING/TL that the operator inputs from the Display (DM1200T), I have attempted to use the 'manual' blocks Read Array from Application Log & Write Array to File but have been unsuccessfully.

The blocks will accept greater than 125 characters but I cannot get the Write Array to File block to write more than 1, sometimes 2 lines of the Applog.

I seem to be missing the connection that tells the Write Array to File block to start another line in the csv file.

Does anyone have a working example of the Read Array from Application Log & Write Array to File that is writing more than 1 Applog line to csv.
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