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Displays / Color RGBx checkpoint problem
« Last post by macbahi on July 08, 2024, 04:52:30 PM »

I want to check point of my selected data colors as follow in my picture but checkpoint component didn't accept the color type data.

Please, how can convert data type color to data type of check point?

Thanks in advance for help.

With best regards

mac bahi
Off topic / PLUS+1 Help Desk Summer 2024
« Last post by Tor on July 08, 2024, 08:09:17 AM »


Due to Summer vacations the PLUS+1 Helpdesk will not be fully staffed and therefore longer response times may occur for some time.
I'm sorry about any inconvenience.

Have a great summer everybody.
Displays / Re: DM430E/M - Replacing 1-1-x-x to 0-1-x-x display
« Last post by BRIan on July 08, 2024, 12:40:20 AM »
Either use Compare SCS files... in the Tools menu to see the differences of blank applications, or compile it and it will tell you where you have missing or extra components.
Displays / DM430E/M - Replacing 1-1-x-x to 0-1-x-x display
« Last post by samuelhj on July 05, 2024, 08:25:15 AM »
Hello all

I'm replacing a DM430M 1-1-x-x it was 0-1-1-x display for a DM430E 0-1-1-x 0-0-1-x display and I'm wondering the procedure to do so, by memory I thought I could just add the new hardware to the Plus1 program but I can't seem to figure it out.

Anyone who has done something similar?

Edited post to correct for version of the displays.
Displays / Color RGBx number
« Last post by macbahi on July 03, 2024, 08:01:00 PM »

In the past past I used a Color RGBx name as shown in picture enclosed. But now I want to use Color RGBx number as: 
Red 0xFF0000;  Bleu 0x0000FF  .....etc.   but some colors I didn't find their number as MedGray, scream, MoneyGreen and more.

I had looking in manual but without result.

Please Could you tell me where can I find the color RGBx numbers mentioned in the picture.

Thanks for help.

With best regards
Controllers / SC050 Output PWM unstable
« Last post by Scott_MARL on July 03, 2024, 07:56:18 PM »
I have two PWM signals leaving the MFOut of a SC050 controller
Duty out = 6000 - 10000
Safety fet = disabled
Monitoring = disabled
Req Freq = 1000
Output mode = 3 & 6 (tried both)

Typically I would get a smooth voltage that I would read on the input pins, C1p10 & 11 in this case.
The output I am measuring is quite nosy, my C1p02 voltage is steady 11975mV from a filtered power supply.
C1p10 is measuring between 6V and 8.5 volts with a 8hz period (125 ms)

I isolated the circuit so it is a 6 inch wire going from C1p39 to C1p10(scaled to correct range in a pull down configuration).

Troubleshooting with my oscilloscope shows the noise is coming from the output pin C1p39 shows
This is full range PWM (0-12V), which up close looks alright but the leading edge is overshooting significantly and has a very consistent resonance when looking at larger scale. 

For now I can filter this out but I have never seen this before and it is happening to all of my SC050 controllers in our inventory I have tested.
Anyone else see this before?

This is the same circuit sampled from an MC050:

After some playing around with settings on the SC050 controller I found using a PWM frequency of 20,000 Hz cleans up the signal significantly.
SC050 with the same settings as above except for PWM rate. This seems logical, just odd that we have not seen this before:

PLUS+1 CS Hardware / Re: CS10 - Remote Service tool
« Last post by Beezkneez on July 02, 2024, 07:09:59 PM »
Thank you for the reply!

That is all extremely helpful info. I never thought about all of the data needing to be routed through the Danfoss server/s, so that makes perfect sense as far as lag is concerned.

I like the mini PC idea. Sounds like that might be the most reliable option for remote service tool. I had nothing but problems with the CS500 so I had hoped they improved on that some. I had high hopes for the CS10 but it sounds like everything I feared. I also found that the 24 Hour access pass that is required for a remote service tool session is not cheap.

Thanks again.
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: GUIDE 2024.2.4.6047 Warning on compile?
« Last post by Fredrick on June 28, 2024, 09:37:41 AM »
So no problem then.
PLUS+1 GUIDE / Re: GUIDE 2024.2.4.6047 Warning on compile?
« Last post by Tor on June 28, 2024, 09:25:51 AM »
Hello Fredrick,

I'm not sure how to explain this, it was a bit complicated when I contacted the developers.
As I understand it there is a bug in the OS and this is the issue: "Unconsidered EXR data properties for array elements".  What this exactly mean, I don't know.

Until there is a solution and a new HWD file is released, PLUS+1 GUIDE will give you a warning instead of an error you can't fix.  With this workaround you can at least compile the project.

I hope this give you some idea what is going on.

Have a nice day.

PLUS+1 CS Hardware / Re: Need help setting up CS10
« Last post by ToPe on June 28, 2024, 07:56:27 AM »
Hi Patrick,

first of all it is recommended to use the latest CS10 AppSW which is available on the PLUS+1 Update Center.
Any setting of the CS10 is shown in one of the following videos:
#124 CS10 Configuration Overview
#125 CS10 Set up WiFi Connection
#126 CS10 Set up Bluetooth Connection
#127 CS10 Set up M2M Connection

For the first use of the CS10 it is needed to change the Default SSID and Password. Using the default setting will block the CAN Access for safety reason.
In addition the Full Access mode is needed to be able to write any parameter to the CS10. In the Service Tool Page "Machine State determination" you have to enable "Force Full access mode".
Another needed parameter is "Proxy Enable" in the Service Tool page "MISC". This parameter enables the proxy to have remote access to the CS10 via internet (24h access pass).

All this CS10 default settings and also more stable WiFi and BT connection has been modified and improved in the next CS10 AppSW Version v122 which will be released soon.
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