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PIB regarding CS500 and CS100 firmware for Microsoft update


Why was a bulletin sent out when the firmware isn't ready yet?  What's this about the CS100 firmware not being able to update with the Service Tool?  We've got under a month before the June deadline where these devices lose internet access, and I'm taking off the last week of May.  Can anyone at Danfoss offer any words of support such as "you can configure the devices to update automatically" or "we're sending you a bottle of Macallan 18 for having to deal with this".

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After searching internet I found that Microsoft has postponed this change until the beginning of next year. So there is no hurry to upgrade the firmware.

More information here:



To clarify for everybody, it's possible to update the CS100 firmware with the PLUS+1 Service Tool.  It was a misunderstanding from Helpdesk that it didn't work.

We will try to get a confirmation regarding the PIB, since the date from Microsoft has been changed. I hope a new PIB will be sent out.
I will post the information as soon as I get it.

Have nice day

This is all good news, so thanks for following up on this.  Concerns are alleviated!


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