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Name change to Danfoss Power Solutions!


Dear PLUS+1 User!

As you might have heard of Sauer-Danfoss is becoming Danfoss Power Solutions Tuesday 2013-09-17.
We will close the user forum for updates Monday 2013-09-16 and move it to a new server with a new URL.
You will be able to use your old account as before after the move to the new server. (The url might not work until early next week.)

Sorry for any inconvenience the down time may cause.

Thanks for using PLUS+1

Best regards // Thomas

Hi Thomas,

It would be nice if some of you got time to fix the attachment functionality of the forum from the old posts, made before the move to the new forum. The examples people have attached to the code sharing section don't work any more. I just got a 404 when I try to download any attachment. But it seems to work fine on new posts.


Hi Kent!

Now the old works but the new one does not, sorry for that. There is a few new that does not work but the old seems to work again.

I'll keep investigating and hopefully I can get them back.

Best regards // Thomas


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