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Hey Guys,

Do you know where can I get the DM700 HWD file?

My Plus1 update center does not show it

Thank you


Hello Pinias,

It's in there.  See attached image.

Have a nice day.

Hi Thor.

well, my +1 update center has that missed

see attached picture of the version I got

I appreciate any feedback about


Hello Pinias,

That means you're already "subscribed" to these updates, if you look in the top right you see your active subsriptions, with an edit button.
Press that edit button and search for the DM700 HWD files.

Hey JordyHV

ok, that is in the subscribed list

the questions is why is it not available for download and get it installed on the +1 GUIDE?

do I need the latest version of guide to get it available for download? not sure I have been able to work with the DM1XXX with older versions of GUIDE
if I modify my subscriptions leaving the DM700 only and save that then I got nothing for download. :'(

 have you tried to get it available for download? did it work? what version of guide are you working with?

Thank you


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