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CS100 & CS500 firmware update.



Microsoft has mandated a change in certificate authority for the Azure IoT Hub. For our connected solutions product, this means it’s necessary to upgrade from the factory firmware in order to keep remote communication to our telematics devices.


•   CS100 update to firmware v170 or higher
•   CS500 update to firmware v114 or higher


•   Deadline for update is September 15th 2023.

•   Both CS100 & CS500 require firmware updates

What it means for Danfoss Customers:

•   Update status will be available on the Portal when initiated.
The following information will be displayed on the Device details page under Remote firmware update status:

(See Image Progress.png below)

Note: Orange refers to a “manual customer process”, Blue refers to “in progress”, and Green refers to “successful completion.”

•   Devices not upgraded by September 15th 2023 will lose the ability to be remotely upgraded in the future.

•   Devices not upgraded by September 15th 2023 will lose the ability to communicate with the PLUS+1 Connect platform in the future.

•   After September 15th 2023 it will only be possible to update the devices via local Service Tool connection.

•   Firmware for CS devices will be available on the Update Center.

•   When possible, it is best to use a local connection to update firmware to minimize effects of cellular disruption.

•   When possible, use CG150 instead of FOTA (Firmvareupdate Over the Air). CG150 takes max 3 min while FOTA can take aprox. 30 min.

•   If using cellular connection, make sure to have a good network before you start.

Download CS500 Firmware update.pptx:

For questions or concerns, please contact your local Danfoss Power Solutions representative.

Dear Customers,

We are happy to inform you that we obtained extension from Microsoft about the mandatory update. The new deadline is now in November, the exact date will be communicated to you in the next few days. As of now we have temporarily disabled the FOTA over the PLUS+1 Portal for a maintenance action. However you can still update the App SW xxx using local service tool.

If you have any further queries then please feel free to reach out to Alex ( Or Mason ( for Americas // Petr (  and Torge ( for EMEA.

Have a nice day.


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