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CS500 Firmware update


I receive a Product Information Bulletin for new version of CS500 firmware.
How to update CS500 firmware remotely ?

Thank in advance.

I was told it can be done using the connect portal, or a remote download using the remote interlink gateway. I was also told there is not a preferred method. With that being said, I have had zero luck using the remote interlink gateway to update the CS500. Remote download fails after about 10-15 seconds every time (download request failed). I attempted this on multiple devices as well to rule out a bad cell connection or something of the sort. I have had some success using the portal. Only a couple devices seem to have hung up on either "Requested" or "Downloading" so far.

I have 56 devices to update and so far have attempted 8. 4 of the 8 show as "completed" the other 4 are showing as "Downloading" or "Requested".

To update using the connect portal, first login then click on the devices tab in the left side bar menu. From there under your list of devices you will see an icon that is 3 vertical dots. Click on it and then click device firmware update. Once you select the firmware version you want to update and click apply you can view the status from the device details page (magnifying glass icon from device list).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your response.
Yesterday, I did not have access to the firmware update :

Today it works properly. I was able to do the updates.

After you did the update was the version string updated to the new version? We are seeing the device go through the 5 step FOTA process from the device details page and then show as completed. The device firmware value does not update to the new version though. I have logged into the device using the remote interlink and it also shows the application version has not updated. Almost like it did not update at all.

For me, on three machines, only one is updated.
The firmware version number to be upgraded to 114.

But, we had a CAN problem during the update. I had to reboot by the wired service tool.
Since then, I can no longer connect with the interlink remote.


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