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ERROR 362 SC-050 AddrClaim
« on: October 14, 2013, 09:59:49 PM »

Hello all,

I ran into an issue today where the CAN addrclaim block that is included with the SD J1939 Library ver:10104786v302 seems to be obsolete.

I checked my hardware files and the CAN files and they are both up-to-date and I have Plus 1 Guide tool v6.1 installed.

Error included below. I am new to this tool, but generally my errors have been either missing inputs/outputs, logical errors, illegal types, etc. I have not come across this before now. I also, for testing purposes left all of the inputs un-populated to try and force a different error and the only one that would come up was this. In fact, the compiler seems to ignore all other errors while this block is out on my page.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

So far this is the only CAN block that is giving me grief on the SC-050, but I do not have many others out right now.

==================== Error information from SC50_20_PRIMARYT_TEST_01 ====================
*** ERROR 362 ***  [chpargu1]   COMPONENT: {Receive CAN with ID Mask}, VERSION: {101} IS OBSOLETE
          SC50_20_PRIMARYT_TEST_01!TOP!Application!Main_App!Basic_Page1!Basic_Page1!AddrClaim_Tx_Rx1!AddrClaim!Manage_Addr (70,42)

Thanks in advance!