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PVED-CL Question
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:20:49 PM »
Good day
Wonder if someone can assist me.
I am trying to connect to a PVED CL and SASA sensor, but the service tool does not detect them, I am how ever able to detect the MC 50 055 controller. I have built a bench harness were I only have the SASA and PVED CL connected (with terminating resistors etc on the bus) Still not able to connect.
Also I cant seem to find a diagnostic file for the PVED CL valve?
My aim is to diagnose the PVED CL valve with the plus 1 service tool as I would like to see what the valve is actually doing while operating, inputs and outputs, especially the LVDT. As our OEM diagnostics are limited in this area.
SASA and valve used in agricultural auto guide steering systems.
I have Plus 1 service tool version 10 installed with a trail license and using a Caterpillar Communications adapter III as the gateway.

Thanks in advance
Regards Ben