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Selecting hexadecimal mode really, really should change the output window to display in hexadecimal.  At this time all it does, as far as I can tell, it make it so that your messages that you create in there are entered in hex.  Another request would be easily making it so that messages sent can be cyclic instead of one time.

PCAN-VIEW has these features and is probably the main competitor.  I've actually switched over to it for testing just to use those features.

Hello FluidPowerTom.

It was a while since I used CAN King and I'm not an expert, but I guess both of the things you ask for is possible.

1. Hexadecimal in the output window. 
See page 1 in the CAN King pdf.

2. Cyclic messages.
See page 2 - 5 in the CAN King pdf.
You need to have a message (History List) to create a cyclic transmission (Timed Transmission).  I included the One-Shot messages as a bonus.

I hope I understood your question correct and that this helped.

Have a nice day.

Tor, you're the man.  I wish I'd asked this years ago...

Edit:  Oh wait, never mind.  Okay, I'm actually clicking that 'Options' button, and nothing is coming up.  I tried going on bus with the virtual CG150, and still nothing pops up.

Even so, if I go to the Options dropdown in the main windows and click Global that pops up a window called Program Options.  It really would seem like selecting hexadecimal in that window would change the output window as well.  Why would it only change the window for putting together messages to transmit but not the output window?  I mean the area it's in is Options->Global.  There's nothing about that which makes it look like it's only for the message creation.

Edit 2:  Okay I figured it out.  You have to click to highlight Standard Text Format in that lower part of the window and then click options.  Pretty clunky.  Still I would think that the Options->Global window pop up would do the same thing.


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