Author Topic: PVED-CC S7 J1939 E248 - Security Access Denied  (Read 4847 times)

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PVED-CC S7 J1939 E248 - Security Access Denied
« on: October 12, 2022, 03:44:24 AM »
Hello people,

I have a 9fold PVG valve block with 6 PVEA-CI's, 1 PVED-CC S4 and 2 PVED-CC S7's. All is J1939. All but one valves function correctly. The one that does not, shows a warning when scanned: Plus+1 E248: Security access denied. Tomorrow i'm going to change it with the other one to see if the error persists. I once was able to change the node-ID (is 132 now) so it must have functioned once. In practice it will run it's function for about half a second, after which it will shut off for about 4 seconds and again, and again. this fully coincides with the error signal from the function block. If anyone has any insights, please let me know.

Kind regards