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Nikolay Safonov:

I have a license for PAL with renewal in GUIDE version 12.
Now i installed GUIDE 2023 with new license renewal. But PAL license not exists in a list and library not available.
How to fix this problem or i'll have to use PAL only with version 12.0.7 all the time?


The PAL is not "included" in the Pro license, it's an add-on.
You need to copy the add-on key to the license manager.  And yes, you need to get a renewal for the add-on as well.

When licenses expires:

If you still have problem, please contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk:

Have a nice day.

Nikolay Safonov:
There is "license has expired" message on a place of activation button at version 2023. And then no valid license to apply a renewal of course.

Nikolay Safonov:
Resolved with PLUS+1 Helpdesk


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