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Hi helpdesk,
My license has gone and run out of maintenance periode, and now I would like to extend my license so I can keep doing things in guide.
So I clicked the link "Extend Maintenance", filled out the web form and confirmed the e-mail.
But that was a week ago, how long does it usually take to renew a license?

Hopefully I get it before my express license runs out.

BR. Jakob

I have also had multiple customers have issues with express license renewal.  It is extremely vexing especially because most of them are only using it for the full version of the Service Tool which is included.



When it comes to renewal or buying a PLUS+1 Licenses, contact your distributor or a Danfoss sales person.
More information can be found here:

Someday I hope the licenses can be handled and purchased online.

Have a nice day.


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