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I'm using v2021.1.  Is there any way to close the toolbar boxed in red in my attachment?  I've tried everything I can think of and haven't found any way to do it.  I'd like to either close it or move it so that it's on the top of the screen like the rest of the toolbars.  There's also a toolbar at the bottom right corner of the screen that I'd rather have grouped with the rest of the toolbars.

Hi williamk,

This is in the wishlist to the developers.
The best tip I can give you, is to turn of the buttons by clicking the small arrow (see image) and deselect all buttons . This will unfortunately leave you with a wide side bar.

Have a nice day.

+1 for being able to move the side toolbar back to the top. Ideally this would be an option rather than fixed so that each user could position it to best suit their own workflow.


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