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SJ Industries:
All of a sudden I cannot "free Draw" wires/buses. As in I am limited to only 90 degree lines, my cursor has the cross hairs on the point as it moves on the screen. It wont allow me to make a connection to a bus come down and out a t 45 degrees then run the wire across the page. if I want 45 degree routes I have to use the stretch function. Is this a shortcut key I have hit or something? I cannot find how to turn it off any where. It is driving me nuts.

Hi SJ Industries,

Aaa...  The old GUIDE prank! 

I believe you accidental hit 's' on the keyboard. If you are in route mode and press 's' you can toggle between "free hand" and 90ยบ corners for the bus or wire.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

SJ Industries:
Thank you Tor.


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