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Please add basic drawing functionality

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I want to be able to make circles and rectangles.  Do I really have to draw basic shapes in my free Paint program and then import them into the (not free) industrial display program?  And if I want a shape in a slightly different color...I have to draw another image and import that.  This was probably the norm 20 years ago, but of the several brands of displays I've programmed in my time they all have had basic drawing capabilities.

You guys put in the ability to draw lines.  Why not other shapes?

I'm using the Vector Based Screen Editor which I think is the newer one.

I agree with this request.  A triangle and circle would be nice.  Especially if you can control them with signals.  A third thing would be a pie (a circle with a missing wedge) where you could control the diameter of the circle and the angle of the missing slice both with parameters.

I agree - There is lots of room for improvement.  Even circles and arcs would be helpful.

The being said, it is easy to create squares and triangles with individual lines, then control the size and location of the shapes with variables in the program.

The line width can also be set to any width - This can be used as a rectangle.  I have used this before to indicate a tank level.  By drawing a thick line over a tank graphic, it can represent the fluid level.  Variables in the logic control the line length.  Variables can also be used to change the color of the line(when the tank level gets low, line turns red).

And also add copy functionality :
copy in one screen page objects and paste them into another!
And: copy formattings in one page and format another objects by clicking with left mouse key, like in word or excel.

It is too much work to format text manually.

Hello Danfoss,

please make a few changes to "old" classic screen editor, because there are many new Displays, DP610TM, which work with this editor.

My wishes to this are:

- make possible to change the ID of a text object, because we want to copy screen from one program to another and so IDs have to be the same.

- copy and paste must be possible: in the same screen and from one screen to another screen

- copy formatting style must be possible in screen editor, like word and excel

- right formatting values must be possible

This are very helpfull and important functions. Please realize them! - Thanks in advance!


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