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Bug in Screen Editor


I have a widget that I created and when I place it into a screen and go to resize it, the container makes whatever direction I try to resize '0'.

Then when I try to make the size bigger than '0' get an error message saying, "The object dimensions (15x235) will make child object(s) larger than the maximum allowed 1024x1024 pixels.Please enter value less than 1 pixels."  (Where '15' is the random number I tried to resize it to).

After some troubleshooting, I was able to solve the issue.  I had some a Line object within the widget which had default start and end points were at the same X,Y coordinates (I was planning on changing the Begin Point X value to something else based on data being fed into the widget). 

I'm not sure why this causes the widget to collapse when it's used in another screen and resized but changing the initial values to no longer be on top of one another fixed the problem.


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