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Changing image size in program? vector editor

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is it possible to change image size by running?

I want to change font size and image size by run-time.

Currently, I only know that this works before compiling and then the size is defined.

(Rotation ist possible, i know)

I believe it is, I have not done/tested this exactly but I imagine you could create a text/image widget.
Set ScalePos and ScaleSize to True for the object in the Widget.
For the Widget property set the Width and Height externally with an input.

Some combination of the above should achieve the outcome.

but I don't understand your second image.

I don't find "signal input"
(it is svg format)

My second image is the Widget properties, you can input a signal from your program to control the Width and Height of the signal.

These can be used to adjust the size in the program while running.

Oh, it would be fine, if I find a turorial about this.
I am just reading the manual about widgets.


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