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SC050-120 Dig Output Errors

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Hi Pankaja2020 and TheTurfDude

If you look at the "SafetyLayer.Failure" signal, what Bit is set?  If you get Bit 4, "ISR Monitor Error", then there is another thing you can try.
As TheTurfDude mantioned, the reason might be an interrupt on the input pin. So you can try to ground all the MFin, Bias = 1, and test if it makes any difference. And to be sure, ground the MFin pins to the chassis ground.

I understand that you have been in contact with Danfoss about this issue before. I will bring this up with the Hardware Engineers again, because the MC050 will probably not be on the market forever. And there need to be a solution for this problem when they go obsolete.

Have a nice day.

I haven't read all above and I don't know if this helps.
But just a litle tip:

For long time I have had an Output, which doesn't switch.
And only if I put an AND in front of this output it works.
Just take the signal or constant and then an AND-Symbol (2 inputs parallel connected) und the output to the real output signal.

I am also facing the 136 status when trying to drive a 1.6A coil in a 12VDC system, an external diod across the load seams to work this far.
Will there be an fix for this in the future on the SC050-controllers?   

Hi all, was running into the same issue when I saw this topic in the forum
when looking into the SC050-120 documentation I noticed to recover you need to toggle the DisableSafeFet output for 250 [ms] and did this with a combination of a off delay recommended by Tor.
added the interface for reference, hope this solution suits you all.


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