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HELLO, someone will have information about the valid id to use, generally I use id 0x0DB0001 to communicate a DP to an MC or from an MC to another MC (this id was given to me by an example a programmer from Brazil).
today I am communicating two DP720 A MC050 A MC024. the problem is that the service tool loses the MC024 sometimes I can't refresh the connection, change all the IDs A 0X00F10 onwards in each controller and the problem was solved, but I can't understand how an id number can generate communication conflict, (I'm using google translator, sorry)

Hi tronelec,

My first thought about this was that you used an ID that was within the Service Tool specific area, 0xCDA0000 to 0xCDBFFFF.  But you seem to clear that.

Did you lose connection to the MC024 with all the units or was it only with the Service Tool?

hi HILL, the error is strange, I just lose the mc024-120 from the service tool and recover it by scanning the network again, if I turn off the mc050 the error does not appear. if I turn on the mc050 the problem appears, it should be noted that the network I have 2 dp720 transmitting and receiving 1 mc050 transmitting and receiving and 1 mc024 transmitting and receiving, if I lose the mc024 from the service tool this will not at any time continue sending error and receiving the messages from the other drivers I only lose it from the service tool. now change all the id of the displays and microcontrollers as follows:
mc024 before tx1 id:0x01DB1111 now tx1 id: 00F40
MC050 before tx1 id:0x01DB0001 now tx1 id: 00F10
           before tx2 id:0x01DB0010 now tx1 id: 00F20
           before tx3 id:0x01DB0011 now tx1 id: 00F30
DP720 N°1 before tx1 id: 0x01DB0000 now tx1 id: 00F50
DP720 N°2 before tx1 id: 0x01DB0100 now tx1 id: 00F60

With the new id the problem does not appear, it is solved but I don't know why the old id caused a conflict with the service tool (I used version 11 and 12 for testing)

But why are you usning extended mode addresses?
Mostly I use 0x400-0x7ff  to communicate between controllers.


hello Marbek_Elektronik, I use extended mode because I have had in the past intermittent transmission, for example I transmit a joystick from one mc to another mc, and the signal blinks, since then I have always used extended mode (with trial and error I have never seen a document that explains this block)


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