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DM430 Download problem



I work with DM430E.  I was compile and download many times.
But now I can compile but I can not download.  I had this message as follow in picture

Thanks in advance for your reply

Mac bahi

Hi macbahi,

Do you get the same issue if you compile it again and download?
It feels like the .lhx file is "corrupt"?   Also make sure you use the latest HWD. Version 150 is the latest for DM430.

If this doesn't help you please submit a case to PLUS+1 Helpdesk:
Write a small description, attach the .lhx file with the problem and the project as a zip, if it's possible. If not it can be sent in later.

Thank you.

Hi Tor,

In the end the problem is done without do no thing.  Maybe windows bug.

I restart guide plus one many times without effect but when I reboot my computer it's done.

Thank you very for your help



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