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This question is for those that have used a printer via the DP display's RS232 port.
I'm doing this too, but my customer has asked if I can add their logo to the printout.
My receipt printer documentation describes 'Dot-Addressable (Bit) Graphics'
I don't understand how to create this and I'm hoping to find someone that has had success doing it.
Have any of you tried to print logo or other image?

Thank you,

Nikolay Safonov:

Please look this document page 14. I hope you printer have a similar format for printing graphics.

Thank you, this has much more information than the documentation that came with my printer.

Hi...i followed a completely different approach, if you have an old serial printer, is to simply send data to a serial port (possibly via a USB-to-serial converter).
I knew someone who did this for an installation onceā€¦ those old dot-matrix jobs made a lot of noise, and you could get rhythmic patterns out of them by controlling the serial-data stream.


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