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does anyone have experienced the following issue with the texts on a DM430?

basically I create a screen with some text, so at the preview on GUIDE it looks fine, however after flashing the device the text is chopped out and moved

See pictures attached

why is that and how to fix it?

SJ Industries:
You are not alone, I had hours of back and forth adjusting text size to get it to work on my last project. In this screen with the date I still could not get the overlapping edges to not cut of unless I had grossly exaggerated bounding boxes. Even then the date cut of some of the forward slash. I gave up in the end as it wasnt a main screen.
I found Fonts that are web approved resize and play up less.


I have been testing back and forth with a DM430E and not been able to reproduce this issue.
Are you using the latest HWD file and GUIDE?

If everything seems up to date, please create a case here:
Please attach as much information as you can, a zipped project folder, images and films are highly appreciated.
If the files are to large, we will solve it when we contact you for more information.

Have a nice day.

Hey Tor,

yes Sr, I do have the latest HWD installed, see picture


turns out

latest versions of Guide is not at all supported running on Windows 7, that was all the issue.

you need windows 10

helpdesk support help me to find it out


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