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I am working in a project where the customer wants to set a password in order to unlock the screens in the DP200,

So the customer wants to set its password and save it in the display so if he wants to change the password it will be done also in the display. he does not want to upload a new code for everytime that he changes the password.

my question is, does anyone knows how to write to the non volatile memory without using the service tool software?

or does anyone knows how to save an input data to the non volatile momory of the display?

I appreciate


Antonio :)

Hello Antonio,

you can use read/write parameters for the data. You can overwrite them in the program. You only need the servicetool for the installation.
We made a user administration for six users with a password protection for each user for the DP600 Display with four numbers between one and eight and a adaptable user Name with six characters. Its a lot of work but it runs perfectly.

Best regards



Thanks, I was not aware of the functionallity of the non volatile memory components. I have done it. it works great the user can set the password as needed.

I used 2 soft buttons to input a 4 digit pin.


Our solution to any customer that wants some kind of 'keycode' entry to unlock parts of the program.

Standard door security keypad and a single digital input.


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