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I recently got a project to develop an interface to a variable frequency drive for a complex system
(I can't tell you what but it is not an HVAC or water treatment application)

I know Danfoss has a line of VFD's is there any integration with the Plus+1 environment.
Ideally, I'd like work in this environment to maintain compatibility with some of our other products, but I'm kind of nervous about tackling CANOpen protocols in Guide, I think I might need a more traditional C environment for that.

thoughts? has anyone else been down this road?

I didn't know that Danfoss makes VFD's, but I do know that there is no integration with the Plus+1 environment.  Plus+1 is targeted for mobile hydraulic machinery, usually far away from the land of VFD's.  I'm sure the two Danfoss divisions have never met, let alone tried to integrate things.

I program in C as well as the Plus+1 environment, and making reliable custom CANOpen communications is actually pretty fast & easy in Plus+1.  Drawing the 'code' to pack & unpack all the flags and data can certainly get tedious though.


Sry for the late reply. But probably this can help:
Schwarzm├╝ller Inverter (member of Danfoss PS Group) offers Inverter (low voltage Level VFD's for mobile applications).

This Inverters are fully programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE.

Kind regards, Benedikt

It would be nice if Danfoss would make a driver of some type that could feed into a off the shelf high voltage VFD  8).  Even in mobile systems, I still use high voltage motors.


In a project we are using the Schwarzmuller MI08 inverter.
I was not able to find the Schwarmuller hardware file on update center.
Anyone has a link for this file?



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