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Adapting PVED-CC seris 4 valves to series 5?



I've been struggling with an adaptation problem. I used 157B9743 PVED-CC Series 4 ISObus actuators at a previous project, now there is a need to adapt the same system to 11107870 PVED-CC Series 5 ISObus actuators.

When I checked the technical documents, there is no difference on auxiliary valve commands, I had no problem controlling the Series 4 actuators but I'm unable to reach Series 5.
I ordered the actuators without any ID specification so I'm assuming they came with default ID of 128. Led on the actuator is green blinking which is the power save mode and I triple checked the cable connections.

Also when I try to check it from the PVED-CC_S5_ISOBUS interface on Service Tool, I'm unable to see the actuators Node ID. When I scan the system. I only see my microcontrollers ID which is 0,4 and 0,35-S5_TR_APP
I was able to online monitor and change Node ID with the PVED-CC_S4_ISOBUS interface.

Did anybody face a similar problem? Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thank you very much..

Hello again,

Update on current status: It turned out that Series 5 actuators came with a default ID of 132, it is now possible to control the actuators. The only problem left is that I'm unable to change the Node ID since PVED-CC_S5_ISOBUS interface won't see the ID on Service Tool. I already cheched the protocols and sure that WebGPI PVED-CC is enabled.

Is there any other protocol to enable or any other step to make before I can communicate the interface and the actutator?

Thank you in advance..

Update No:2

It seems like the Service Tool interface for PVED-CC Series 5 downloaded from the update center is not working at all but there is another version which can be found at below address under the tab Service Tool Applications which is working quite fine!

Hello ardatanikyan,

I am currently having the same issue right now. The link you provided does not work anymore.
Could you please provide another link so I can change the node on my coil?


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