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Red and Green information about all module



Now I have problem with DM430   red blinking.

I searched in the DM430 API documentation but unfortunately I did not find any information.

Please could you show me where can I find information about red and green of all modules (Display, controller and IO module).

Thank you very much
with best regards
mac bahi

Display and Controller, you find in software:

Input, Output modules is if data comes in or out
you can't change this LEDs.
you find it in "Technical documentations"

To simplify system diagnostics the I/O device will use its LEDs, if available, to indicate
different status conditions.
The red LED indicates outgoing message traffic from the I/O device. The LED toggles its
state with every successfully transmitted frame.
If the device’s CAN-bus goes into a bus off condition then the LED will be permanently
Green LED
The green LED indicates that the I/O device is seeing incoming message traffic. The LED
toggles its state with every successfully received frame. If no messages are received for
more than 10 seconds, then the LED starts to blink at a one Hertz rate.
Time critical messages and messages which have to be used all the time are
implemented with a sub identifier which has a value from 0 to 0xFE.

If the DM430 red LED's are blinking, and they are not being controlled by your application.
It would suggest you may have an problem with the CAN network?

Increase the two fields in green in the attached png (10, 1000?), download and see if the DM430 reset's itself on the network.


thank you for your replay

Mac bahi


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