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stopping a PVE slowly


the normal way to stop a valve of a crane, for example, is to use a time ramp.
If the time ramp is long enough the crane would stop slowly and does not produce a swinging of the machine.
But if the time is to long, the way of the crane is to long after the user wants to stop it.

Now my idea: Does anybody know another function then a time ramp?
What is the best way to stop a valve?
(I have PVEA to drive the valve)


consider changing to a pressure control spool for the swing function.  Generally provides smoother control since you would be controlling torque rather than speed.  PVEA function block and ramps can still be applied

There are PVEA and PVEH installed. I can't change this.
So the valves are volume controlled.
I need an algorithmus to stop the valve comfortable but without to large way after I bring the Joystick in neutral position.


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