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Hi everyone,

I wanted to find out whether anyone has experienced any issues with the CG150-2 Interface when connecting to a controller in term of speed? We are busy with a few projects, which initially were fine, but lately I seem to be struggling with the speed between the controller and my laptop. Downloading speeds are fine, but everything lags by about 3-4 seconds when monitoring these systems live, so feedback is extremely slow, making commissioning these vehicles very arduous...

I have connected to three different controllers, and all three behave the same when trying to monitor the system live. I have narrowed it down to the connection between the controller and my laptop, and have checked the harness connecting to the CG150-2, but not sure whether there is a way of checking the CG150 itself?


I had a problem with my original CG150 in the past that turned out to be a broken wire inside the moulded USB connector. I replaced the USB connector and it is still working fine since. In this case it started out lagging and progressed to loosing connection or failing to connect. It became easy to see where the problem was by bending the cable at the connector.

There are probably a number of things that could cause this. Have you been able to test with a different CG150-2 and/or a different laptop/pc?


Just thought I'd provide some feedback for future users.. Although extremely obvious, updating the Service Tool to the latest version completely solved the problem. Why I do not know.. Even the local Danfoss guys are stumped..


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