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Rs232 to Can Converter


Hallo guys,
Anyone who knows how an rs232 to Canbus converter works?
I wish to acquire an NMEA input in serial format and convert it in some can messages.
Is there a device that do it?

Hey F.M. E

I have used the EATON XC152 PLC, basically interfacing RS485 with CAN 2.0A, for the danfoss displays but it also comes with RS232 , I would say that the only downside is that you need to know structured text or at least for me it was easier than other methods.

I tried some other gateways from anybus or so but for some reason I could not make it work.

I hope this helps


If you have a Danfoss display in your system check it first as some of the Danfoss displays have RS232 capability. We use a receipt printer over RS232 connected to a DP720.

Also check Peak System I have not used it but I believe they may have a convertor.


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